YO Vino

Our house wine, YO VINO, is proudly made by co-owner Alex Zordich. Alex has always had a love for making wine. He grew up making it with his grandfather at a young age and has kept that passion to this day. Following his passion he went on to work in Napa Valley where he was a cellar assistant for four years. To further expand on his wine knowledge he moved to Italy for another four years while obtaining his masters degree in viticulture and enology as well as working at various wineries in toscana and piemonte. His style gravitates to those used in Italy, using old world techniques which include the use of neutral oak barrels, emphasis on natural grape tannins and a great balance of fruit, tannin, acidity, and earthiness in the wines. Simply put, these wines are meant for the table. They are best enjoyed with great Italian food and company.

There are many varietals to choose from when making wine. Zinfandel has an interesting history and one that Alex connects with on a personal note having roots in both Croatia and Italy. The grape is originally from Croatia, found its way to southern Italy and was eventually brought to the U.S. from immigrants. No other varietal could connect the dots better with YOSTERIA and our ongoing mission to honor family and tradition.

Rosa Rosé

Inspired by a courageous adventure from Salerno to America, this crisp, fruit-forward rose brings a vibrant story to the table. With fresh strawberry and floral notes, each sip will send you to the Amalfi Coast.


Barbera is one of our favorite wines because it represents what we love most about the people of Italy: their rich history, tradition and simplistic way of life.

Known as "the people's wine," we couldn't think of a better house wine for YOSTERIA-a place for the people.

YO VINO Near You

YO VINO can of course be enjoyed at the restaurant by the glass, bottle or at discounted to-go prices, but we can also be found at these retialers!

(Cornersburg & Western Reserver Rd. Locations)
A & C Beverage
Chalet Premier
Vintage Estates
Giant Eagle – Liberty